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Getting a Job in the Food and Beverage Industry

Getting a job in the food and beverage industry can be difficult if you don’t have any experience. This article will give you a few tips to making the job hunting a little easier. A little effort upfront can make getting a job easier and increase your income at the same time.

Working in a restaurant / bar can be a great way to earn a good income. Taking a position as a server, or bartender, is the best option, as they are tip based positions which is where the most money can be earned. But, these jobs are not necessarily easy and you have to have the right personality to deal with the public on a regular basis. So if you have the personality and want to get started in the Food & Beverage business, what is the best way to get started?

Well to start you need a good resume. It needs to be different and highlight your personality, not just your work experience. People eat and drink at restaurants because they wish to be social, otherwise they’d sequester themselves at home. Restaurant owners want people that are personable, who are comfortable in the spotlight, because when you are serving a big group, you will be the centre of attention. Smiling, a good sense of humour and wit are all important tools as a server or bartender, so make them obvious on your resume. Otherwise, highlight your professionalism and work ethic. Here is an example of a bartenders resume to get you started. Also you create your resume, tailor it to each restaurant or bar you apply. Don’t send the same resume to a hip hop club that you’d send to a fine dining restaurant.

You also have to be well groomed. Sorry, nobody wants to eat their meal around someone who smells like sour yogurt or looks like they just rolled out of bed. Being well groomed is directly related to your income potential, so take it seriously. Owners of these businesses will also judge you based on how you look. Even though this may sound shallow and judgmental, you are in the service business and most people, especially those that tip really well, don’t want to be served by a slob. If you are apply for jobs on a particular day, go out and treat yourself to a clothing make-over and haircut, then hit the restaurants and bars with your nicely designed resume.

Once you have the job, the best way to make a living as a server or bartender is to make the job a profession. Even if you are just going to be employed in the food and beverage industry until you are finished school, taking your position seriously and being an absolute professional with garner you a significant wage increase. Take some time to watch the really experienced servers and bartenders at good restaurants and bars. Learn from your coworkers and especially learn the basics like opening a bottle of wine and the top 10 cocktails your establishment serves. Finally, work on your memory because if you can remember a customers drink and name the next time they come inFeature Articles, you’ve just earned yourself a great tip. Do this for everyone and you may just find the money so good that you have a new career.

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Darcy O'Neil is a bartender with a formal education in chemistry. His motive for becoming a bartender was part by chance and partially to fulfill his culinary desires. Darcy currently works as a bartender and spends his time writing about his mixology experiences on his website,The Art of Drink.

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